FarmMark and Santrev will be joining forces

We are very pleased to announce that effective July 2020, Santrev and Farmmark will be joining forces. 


This is a very exciting opportunity for both companies, for our employees and our clients. The new company will provide full turnkey ability under one roof with enhanced industry experience and expertise. The merged business will create a more comprehensive infrastructure with faster response times for clients across the country and provide a true ‘one-stop-shop’ for experienced growers and new growers alike.

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FarmMark Featured in the Poultry Digest Jan 2020 Edition

In December 2019 Peter Bedwell, head writer from [Primary Media who publish] the Poultry Digest, visited FarmMark's Head Office in Acacia Ridge QLD to view the official presentation of the SKOV Global Certified Distributor Certificate by SKOV's Regional Export Manager, Arne Overgaard. FarmMark was awarded this esteemed title after an extensive audit process beginning in April 2019. Click here to read the full article

FarmMark Featured in the Pork Journal Dec 2019 Edition

In December 2019 Peter Bedwell, head writer from [Primary Media who publish] the Pork Journal, visited FarmMark's Head Office in Acacia Ridge QLD for the official presentation of the Global Certified Distributor Certificate by SKOV. All of FarmMark's staff were present for the presentation given by SKOV's Regional Export Manager, Arne Overgaard. Click here to read the full article

FarmMark Awarded Global Service Distributor Status by SKOV

In 2019, FarmMark successfully underwent the extensive process of gaining accreditation as a SKOV Global Certified Dealer. This began in April with representatives from SKOV flying in to conduct a comprehensive audit at FarmMark's Head Office in Brisbane. This is to ensure the best quality equipment and service is provided to growers around Australia. Currently, there are only 10 SKOV disributors certified globally, and FarmMark is the only one in the Asia Pacific Region.  

FarmMark / SKOV User Seminar 2018

A group of very committed poultry farm managers and contract growers from all over Australia converged on the Gold Coast in November 2018 for a SKOV product training seminar hosted by FarmMark.

Those in attendance found the Gold Coast to be an ideal meeting location and were very interested in looking further into SKOV ventilation and FarmMark poultry systems.

A number of breeder managers upgrade from 7" to 10" SKOV DOL 539 Climate and Production controllers, while industry powerhouse Inghams was interested in getting FarmOnline on all its farms, as the company finds it a very useful tool. Egg counters were also of great interest to the breeder component of attendees. 

Broiler Producers in attendance were highly impressed with SKOV equipment and the service provided by FarmMark. A large number of producers were looking into upgrading the 10" DOL 539 controller, with significant orders expected. 

FarmOnline also generated plenty of questinos from broiler farmers and many realised they would be able to benefit from implementing the system on farm. 

For any more information on SKOV and FarmMark products and services, call the FarmMark team on 07 3274 6372.

FarmMark & Specialised Farm Services Annual Gathering - 2018

The FarmMark and Specialised Farm Services teams came together in Brisbane for a celebration of another successful year that saw the business grow and expand into new territories. The day began with a game of lawn bowls which saw interstate rivalry at its best followed by a mixed teams competition. A great day was had by all.

Once again we thank our customers and suppliers for their support during 2018 and look forward to 2019 with a degree of excitement.

FarmMark Team

The FarmMark operations continue to grow as we expand across the country. Keep in touch with your local sales representative and service technicians for updates and access to our wide range of spare parts located in a warehouse close to you. As well as access to spare parts, the service technicians are equipped in service vans with the latest technology and tools to support your servicing needs.

PIX/AMC Expo - June 2018

The Poultry Information Exchange in 2018 saw a record number of attendees and exhibitors in attendance. It was great to catch up, network and showcase the latest FarmMark products and services to the producers and related agribusiness partners. The latest offerings from FarmMark were on display including Hato Lights, monitoring systems, energy efficient SKOV fans and the updated FarmOnline management system.

Please contact Luigi or Byron to follow up on any opportunities discussed or contact them for a visit when they are next in your region.

Pan Pacific Pork Expo - May 2018

The 2018 Pork Expo was again hosted at the Gold Coast Convention Centre. The expo brought together producers, processors, retail, food service, service providers and government officials to discuss recent activity in the industry and discuss plans for the years to come.

The time spent at the expo is always informative and it is reassuring to hear what has worked well, while also listening to the challenges and identifying opportunities to assist with improvement. 

The opportunity to meet with Luigi and Byron as they visit your region across all states during the year is always welcome.

Poultry Industry Charity Golf Day 2018

FarmMark was a proud sponsor of Santrev's 2018 Poultry Industry Charity Golf Day held on August 24th to support the Black Dog Institute. Together with FarmMark and other major sponsors, this event helped to raise an extraordinary $25,000. When approached to be a hole sponsor, FarmMark gladly accepted the opportunity to support such a worthy cause, while enjoying a great day of golf and mixing with industry related businesses. Mental health affects 1 in 5 Australians and The Black Dog Institute works to research and treat illnesses such as: depression, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, workplace mental health, adolescents and young people, suicide prevention, e-mental health, and positive psychology and wellbeing. Congratulations to Santrev for a successful event in helping to raise awareness and an incredible donation for this worthy cause.

DOL Summer Newsletter 2018

The dol-sensors a/s newsletter provides you with updates regarding product news, document updates, exhibitions and other news related to dol-sensors a/s. For more detailed information about our products, please visit:

VIV Europe 2018:
Thank you for visiting our stand at the VIV Europe exhibition in Utrecht, The Netherlands that was held on June 22-24, 2018. Here we presented an array of products including new products lined up this year. If you missed out on this, please visit our website to see upcoming exhibitions.

Product news - The iDOL 46R ATEX coming September 18, 2018
This September 18, 2018, we will be launching The iDOL 46R ATEX capacitive feed sensor. It is the world’s first ATEX/IECEx approved sensor with incorporated SmartAdjust technology. The iDOL 46R is designed to be used even in the harshest environments where combustible dust poses a risk. For more information, please stay tuned at

Life Line Feeds give a resounding "yes" to Natural Beak Smoothing

A pioneer in the Indian poultry market: that's the best way to describe Life Line Feeds. 20 years ago, they invested in floor housing for their broiler breeders at a time when cages were still the norm in India. Soon, they will also be the first to install climate regulation (AC) in their houses. And this year they gave a resounding "yes" to Natural Beak Smoothing.

Check out the LANDMECO Feeding Pans

LANDMECOs unique pan feeding system is designed as simply and functionally as possible in order to ease the work of the poultry producer. The most unique features are the two patented functionalities:

Kick-off: Centrally controlled overfilling of all pans at the same time, ensuring the best start for the day-old chicks.

Easy-Clean: The system also provides the possibility of bringing all pans on a feed line into cleaning position by one single operation (central rotation of the pipe), which simultaneously closes all outlets. 

For more information on the LANDMECO feeding pans see the supplier brochure or our Feeding Systems Page.

New DA 1700 Wall Fans from SKOV 

Farmmark is now proud to be supplying the new BlueFan DA 1700 wall fans, a series of newly developed fans which have set new standards for performance, energy efficiency and wind susceptibility. The fans are flange-mounted corrosion-free with cone and motor controlled shutter. The development of BlueFan focused on maximizing the following:

  • High Performance - The fans provide high-performance, are highly pressure-stable reducing the affects of wind conditions around the livestock house. The fans ensure a stable climate in the livestock house under all conditions.

  • Energy Efficient - The fans have very low energy consumption, the most energy-efficient ventilation on the market

  • Intelligent Design - The fan blade, motor,  motor controller, fan housing and cone are optimized as one unit. The shutter regulation makes it possible to set up emergency opening.

  • Long Durability- The fan has been tested in extreme heat and cold, the fan is extremely robust in all weather conditions and is long-lasting. The fans are manufactured using plastic and stainless steal materials ensuring no rust and corrosion.

For technical info on the DA 1700 wall fan see attached brochure. 

Don't miss out on the latest news from SKOV A/S

Stay in touch by signing up to the SKOV A/S News Service for the latest news, product launches, software upgrades, professional articles, etc. See previous articles in the news archive.

FarmMark Awarded Global Service Distributor Status

As part of the FarmMark expansion plans it was recognised that we needed to review and refine our procedures to ensure the best support could be provided to deliver the promises made. Part of the strategy was to obtain Global Service Distributor Certification. The process required FarmMark and SKOV conducting audits of the farm networks, resources and skills required to support the same farms and development plans to ensure that FarmMark had a capability that was sustainable to ensure its delivery was of the standard required to meet the agreed performance levels. At present there are only 10 distributors certified globally and FarmMark is the only Global Service Distributor certified in the Asia Pacific Region.

FarmMark Expands into WA

​After working with many different products and a range of suppliers for shed design and construction across Australia, Santrev chose SKOV and FarmMark to partner its expansion into Western Australia for the delivery of 24 new sheds. It was a new challenge for FarmMark to cross the continent and both employ and establish resources in the region. The task was made easier by utilizing its existing resource base in Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane, coupled with engaging and training local resources at Mogumber. Despite the challenges of weather and distance all critical dates were met and birds successfully placed on time.

FarmMark partners Goodman Fielder into FIJI

FarmMark has expanded its customer base and grown into the Pacific Region. When Goodman Fielder decided to grow its production facilities with SKOV it called in FarmMark, the largest agent in the region and the only one with formal Service Partner Certification. As well as providing the equipment, FarmMark also provided the expertise to Goodman Fielder for the supervision of equipment installation and operational support. Wherever your operations are based, in Australia or the Pacific Region, FarmMark has the experience and resources to come to you and support your farming practices.

FarmMark introduces Blue Fans to the Australian market

FarmMark has been conducting a trial with Brisbane Valley Protein for the new fans designed and manufactured by SKOV in Denmark. As part of the trial, two existing sheds had the end walls replaced and new fans inserted. The existing fans were replaced with variable speed fans and on/off fans. Results to date have demonstrated both an improvement in tunnel pressure, reduction in maintenance and significant reduction in energy consumption. For further details on the fan specifications and performance improvements, please contact a FarmMark representative.

FarmMark delivers 96 Control Boards to ProTen

As part of ProTen’s expansion in Griffith, FarmMark was selected to supply 96 control boards and air inlets for all new sheds. In addition, ProTen has engaged with FarmMark to trial two sheds with SKOV ventilation systems and computers. To date, the results have been positive, and the final assessment is expected to be completed in the first half of 2018.

FarmMark partners Finrone in expansion at Tong Park for Sunpork

Sunpork embarked on the development of 12 new Finisher and 6 new breeder sheds at Tong Park. The development introduced two new partners in Finrone for the shed design and construct, and FarmMark for the fit out and automation. The project allowed FarmMark to introduce the new “Blue Fans” for the first time into an Australian Piggery along with the newly designed 17K product supporting the ventilation systems. Both products, coupled with the SKOV controllers, are now providing additional production, operational and energy improvements. For an overview of the project please contact Luigi for further details.

FarmMark training day for FarmOnline

During December, FarmMark conducted a training day for its FarmOnline product. FarmOnline is a management tool which SKOV has developed for use by Pig and Poultry Farms. The system is designed to assist the producer the highest possible yield from the production facility. The day saw a collection of 34 individuals representing 16 different operations come together to share their experiences and learn from SKOV technicians who travelled from Denmark. Following the Brisbane training, similar events were conducted in Adelaide along with additional customer designed programs. If you would like further details on FarmOnline or a training program tailored to your needs, please contact our office.

FarmMark completes 54 Shed Breeder program for Inghams in South Australia

FarmMark has worked with Inghams in South Australia to upgrade 24 breeding sheds at Monarto while completing the supply and install of equipment for 30 new sheds at Hamley Bridge and Yumali. In a project that spanned more than 2 years, FarmMark was engaged as the principal sub-contractor, co-ordinating the supply and install of all feeding, drinking, nesting and ventilation equipment. The project had its challenges with the weather and timelines, but a co-ordinated approach with Inghams, Badge Constructions, B & M Slots, Santrev and FarmMark working together, deadlines were met.

Spare Parts are in house - FarmMark Warehouse update

With over 1,000m2 of warehousing space in our national office in Queensland, you can be assured FarmMark will carry the spare parts you need for ventilation, feeding, drinking and flooring systems.

In addition to locally stocked items, FarmMark has regular monthly shipments from all major suppliers as well as arranging express shipments usually available within a week of ordering. To find out more, contact Shane or Rob.

Be Proactive with Farm Maintenance and engage with a FarmMark Service Plan

When the construction is completed, and birds are placed the last partner remaining is usually FarmMark. As part of the shed design and install our relationship and support is critical to achieve what was planned and promised at the beginning of the project. FarmMark offers a tailored program of service and training for Farm staff and management to ensure that the systems and shed performance are being optimised. To find out more about the service programs and how they act as an insurance policy for our farm operations, please contact our office.

FarmMark delivers the full shed for Peacefield Poultry

Peacefield Poultry has expanded its operation to include 8 new Broiler Sheds at Rosevale. These sheds combined with the already eight operational sheds at Tamrookum and the next eight planned for Rosevale will bring the farming operations to a combined 24 sheds. Peacefield worked in partnership with FarmMark on the design of the sheds and selection of equipment. All sheds are newly equipped with SKOV ventilation and control systems and Roxell feed and drinking systems. A key feature of the Peacefield and FarmMark partnership has been the support provided by SKOV in the education and development of Peacefield staff to enhance their understanding of the control systems and improved capability to be more self sufficient in shed management.

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