FarmMark / SKOV User Seminar

A group of very committed poultry farm managers and contract growers from all over Australia converged on the Gold Coast in November 2018 for a SKOV product training seminar hosted by FarmMark.

Those in attendance found the Gold Coast to be an ideal meeting location and were very interested in looking further into SKOV ventilation and FarmMark poultry systems.

A number of breeder managers upgrade from 7″ to 10″ SKOV DOL 539 Climate and Production controllers, while industry powerhouse Inghams was interested in getting FarmOnline on all its farms, as the company finds it a very useful tool. Egg counters were also of great interest to the breeder component of attendees. 

Broiler Producers in attendance were highly impressed with SKOV equipment and the service provided by FarmMark. A large number of producers were looking into upgrading the 10″ DOL 539 controller, with significant orders expected. 

FarmOnline also generated plenty of questinos from broiler farmers and many realised they would be able to benefit from implementing the system on farm. 

For any more information on SKOV and FarmMark products and services, call the FarmMark team on 07 3274 6372.