New DA 1700 Wall Fans from SKOV

Farmmark is now proud to be supplying the new BlueFan DA 1700 wall fans, a series of newly developed fans which have set new standards for performance, energy efficiency and wind susceptibility. The fans are flange-mounted corrosion-free with cone and motor controlled shutter. The development of BlueFan focused on maximizing the following:

  • High Performance – The fans provide high-performance, are highly pressure-stable reducing the affects of wind conditions around the livestock house. The fans ensure a stable climate in the livestock house under all conditions.
  • Energy Efficient – The fans have very low energy consumption, the most energy-efficient ventilation on the market
  • Intelligent Design – The fan blade, motor,  motor controller, fan housing and cone are optimized as one unit. The shutter regulation makes it possible to set up emergency opening.
  • Long Durability- The fan has been tested in extreme heat and cold, the fan is extremely robust in all weather conditions and is long-lasting. The fans are manufactured using plastic and stainless steal materials ensuring no rust and corrosion.

For technical info on the DA 1700 wall fan see below brochure.

DA 1700 Wall Fan Technical Info