In the interest of the production result, the optimum performance of the ventilation system is essential. One or two annual visits by a service technician can contribute to this.

A service agreement with FarmMark ensures that the entire system is checked. This will prevent errors and defects.  A service agreement also includes the possibility of round the clock telephone service. Additionally, an emergency turn-out outside normal working hours is an option when a service agreement has been established.


When you partner with FarmMark for supply and service you can be sure of getting the spare part you need within the agreed timeframe and in full working order. Depending on your needs, we can store spare parts on site ready for use, or have them delivered directly from the warehouse or brought along by our maintenance personnel. You can be assured that they meet all safety and reliability standards and that all warranties are valid. FarmMark also carries a range of exchange units.


Good service is more than just technical know-how.

  • Our service technicians undergo thorough training and have several years of experience in climate and production control.

  • All service technicians have a fundamental knowledge of animal production so that they are able to consider climate and production control in relation to animal behaviour and well-being.

This training ensures that our service technicians approach assignments not only on the basis of technical circumstances but also with insight into how the climate and production control affects the animals’ productivity and behaviour.

FarmMark encourages ongoing integrator and farmer training and can tailor programs to facilitate.

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