Flooring solutions for your pig housing
Swing Farrowing 


Swing Farrowing Panel System

  • The swing system offers a wide variety of individual combinations with different sizes and surface types for farrowing. Intelligent hygienic solutions can be additionally integrated.

  • Traditional panel with extra foot holds and rounded edges

Swing G

  • Solid reclining area panel with drainage holes (400mm x 600mm)

Swing G

Thermo W (400mm x 600mm)

  • The warm water operated Thermo W allows for a flexible arrangement of panels, is very suitable for the cost-conscious refurbishment of old installations.

  • Slip-resistant surface with hollow shaped squares.

  • Flexible arrangement of heating panels.

  • Optimum combination with rubin panels.

  • Cmpact


  • Rubin panels are used from farrowing until pre-fattening.

  • Excellent security of movement, lying comfort and good hygienic conditions.

  • Small ridges for safe standing

  • Pleasant place to rest due to smoothly profiled surface.

  • Optimum ability to combine with Thermo systems.

Thermo W

Diamant G 

  • The DIAMANT G offers only 10% slit share and thus is very suitable for creating resting and feeding areas.

  • Slightly perforated surface for comfortable resting

  • Minimization of losses close to automatic feeding


  • All-rounder with even surface

  • good self cleaning

  • Versatile application


  • The trapper distinguishes itself in pre-fattening and fattening because of its high bearing capacity and its first class self cleaning.

  • High bearing load and stability

  • 14mm slit width - optimum for hygiene

  • Good combination with concrete slats

Available Accessories

  • DUO: Support beam system for the basis of the panel. Composed of fiberglass to ensure stable and durable panel support.

  • DUO Protect: cap to close beam

  • Edge and aisle strips: form a clean finish and shut off smaller opening on panels. Keeps panel hygienic.

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