The pork sector in Australia is an exciting and technologically advanced rural industry. New technologies and modern management practices have improved pork production and the sector is currently enjoying firm growth in export demand for its pork products, particularly to South-East Asia. Pork production has become a specialised activity as market segments require exact carcass specifications. Production is increasingly being concentrated in the hands of specialist, large-scale producers capable of controlling genetics and formulation of feed to produce carcasses that the markets demand.The majority of Australia’s pigs are housed indoors creating a comfortable and efficient environment for both the animals and the workforce.

The flooring systems offer a wide variety of individual combinations with different sizes and surface types for farrowing. Intelligent hygienic solutions can be additionally integrated.

FarmMark partner with SKOV’s for the supply of ventilation systems which are designed to ensure an optimum house climate. 

A wide geographical distribution of flocks, an owner, who is not necessarily in the house every day, and higher production requirements call for a complete overview of production

Farrowing crate and pen design are important in the management of the sow and litter. 

FarmMark offers a variety of feeding options and distributes the MIK range of products includingthe BISTRO W series automatic mash feeders which are suitable for use with type P piglets up to type F fattened pigs.

To achieve optimum performance for your pigs, it is extremely important to provide fresh and clean drinking water. 

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