Climate Functions

The house computer is available in several versions, all ensuring the grower has the right climate in the livestock house based on the type of production and climatic conditions.

  • PID regulation technique

  • MultiStep and Dynamic MultiStep

  • Control according to outside temperature

  • Comfort control

  • Night temperature setback

  • Regulation iwth CO2 minimum ventilation

  • And more.

Production Functions

  • Feed control

  • Feed programs for filling and feeding

  • Electronic silo weighing with two feed demand sensors

  • Supervision and contorl of water supply

  • And more.

For more info see attached brochure.

FarmOnline is a management tool which SKOV has developed for use by the everlarger pig and poultry farm. The system ensures the producer the highest possible yield form his production facility.

  • FarmOnline is able to import the producers own photos and drawings of the farm and sections

  • Alarms are shown by means of a pop-up function.

  • Overview function enables alternative reading of key values and alarm and house statues for the entire farm and for individual sections.

  • The climate screen makes it possible to select key values for temperature, humidity, ventilation, cooling and heating

See brochure for technical information.

DOL 2200
DOL 2400

 The alarms have a built-in module for fixed-line or GSM, and can monitor temperature in 10 sections.

  • Alternatively ON/OFF can be selected for each input terminal so that it can be used to trigger alarms for empty silo, stuck augers, oil burner defects etc.

  • If connected to a telephone line, alarms can be transmitted to several telephones at the same time or in a specific order.

The DOL 2400 system can monitor the temperature of up to 20 houses and can alsop be used to warn of faults in equipment and other emergency situatiopns.

  • Advanced temperatuer monitring with outside temperature control.

  • Receive analogue input from capacitive sensors  to generate alarm in case the silo level is too low or the water consumption has changed..

  • Monitors its own power supply and battery backup.

  • Fingerprint scanner

  • 6-digit pin

See brochure for  more technical information.

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