Ventilation systems are designed to ensure an optimum house climate. As the stocking density in modern houses is high, the ventilation system has to be very efficient.


Ventilation is crucial to keep the house air temperature and air humidity at the ideal level for the animals in question by removing excess moisture and heat production from the house.

DA 1700 Wall Fans

The new BlueFan DA 1700 wall fans, a series of newly developed fans which have set new standards for performance, energy efficiency and wind susceptibility. The fans are:

  • Flange-mounted corrosion-free with cone and motor controlled shutter.

  • Tightly closed motorized shutter, which prevents unwanted air movement when the fan is not inopreation

  • Direct- driven motor to prevent motor maintenance.

For technical info see attached brochure.

DB 1100/ 1400 Wall Fans
  • The fan housing is made of galvanized steel plate.

  • The fan blade is designed in such a way that it is to a great extent self cleaning.

  • Quality control of each motor

  • Centrifugal clutch for controlled opening and closing function of the louver gate

See brochure for more technical information.​


EM36, EM50 and the EM52 are the ideal exhaust fans whenever high airflow capacity is required. The unique propeller design is self-cleaning and allows the highest efficiency to be reached.

The square fan housing and air conveyor are made of a strong galvanized sheet-steel. The 6-blade propeller is statically and dynamic balanced for low noise and low vibration. The propeller is available in stainless steel, galvanised steel and pre-coated galvanised steel.

See the attached brochure for technical information and dimensions of each of the fans.


The EC52 fan features square fan housing, a discharge cone, shutter blades and an air-conveyor all made of galvanised steel sheet. As part of the design of the outlet it is composed of 4 cone sectors which can be assembled on site to form the complete discharge cone. The shutter blades placed on the inlet side are operated by the centrifugal opening device.


The Chill Unit is used to increase air velocity in a chill LPV system.  The unit is used for broiler in floor production in houses with widths of up to 18m.


DA75 are a series of very sturdy winch motors, specially designed for inlet and shutter control in ventilation systems.

They are a compact design, with all functions collected in one cabinet. Equipped with two-track wire wheels, can also be extended to three-track wheels enabling the DA75 to control up to 3 different shutters/ inlets of different pulling lengths and directions.

See brochure for technical information.


The DA 175 is an actuator that is specfically designed for control of air intake inlets. 

The DA175 can be set to modes ON/OFF, stepless or analogue with a jumper on the circuit board.

The DA175 has a compact design that is easy to clean, can be controlled manually and can be set with an optional end stop for open and closed positions.


The system integrates various ventilation principles in one intelligent ventilation system. The climate climate computer ensure that the birds have optimum conditions by making the ventilation dependent on the outdoor temperature and the age of the birds.

  • The DA 1200 air inlet ensures a good air flow and air distribution at all ventilation levels.

  • Rack & Pinion is used for the opening/ closing function of the panel in connection with pad-cooling.


The rack and pinion system for tunnel openings is a complete solution for making a proper, insulated and sealed door inside a cooling section or directly in the side wall, if no cooling.

  • Typically part of SKOV Combi-Tunnel ventilation system.

Consists of the following main parts:

  • R&P Mechanical parts

  • R&P DA 75 tunnel door motor set

  • R&P flange f. door

  • R&P H-profile for door

  • R&P drive shaft

  • R&P tunnel door

See attached brochure for technical information.


The DA 75A Rack & Pinion winch motor has been developed for application in connection with the open/ close function of doors in the tunnel opening.

Specifically designed for regulation of inlets, flaps and tunnel opening in the ventilation systems. 

The design of the motors has all functions gathered in a single cabinet. The design and construction of the winch motor makes it extremely easy to clean and maintenance-free.

DA 1911
DA 1200

Flange inlet DA 1911 is a universal wall inlet which is used for ventilating livestock houses

  • Can be adapted to a wall thickness up to 50cm.

  • It cannot be built or cast directly into wall elements

  • Easy to clean due to its open and smooth consturction

  • Resistant to UV radiation

  • Made of high impact material

See brochure for technical information.

DA 1200 is a series of flexible wall inlets that adapt easily to the individual buildings. The inlet is supplied as a DA 1200 inlet for embedding or as a DA 1211 flange inlet.

  • Can be embedded directly or cast into elements.

  • Can be equipped with a short or a long air direction baffle.

  • Shutter is insulated to prevent condensation


The DA 17K  tunnel inlet is used as an air inlet in houses with Tunnel-ventilation or Combi-Tunnel-Ventilation.

  • Can be installed directly into interior walls or sandwich panels.

  • Available with high insulated inlet flaps and with semi-insulated inlets flaps made from PVC depending on whether the insulation is necessary.

See the attached brochure for more information.​


DA 150 pad cooling is used in connection with SKOV Combi-Tunnel and Tunnel Systems. Th ecooling takes place when the air is directed through th pads, which are permanently moistened by recirculating water.

  • Mounting and dismounting of pads is very quicj and simple

  • The system has a powerfule pump with built-in filter for rinsing water

See brochure for more information.​

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