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For people as well as animals, the indoor climate and fresh air is significant for our physical well-being. The concept of well-being is generally regarded alike for both people and animals, so a general guideline for ventilation could be that if the climate in the livestock house feels comfortable to a human being, the same would be the case for the animals.


Ventilation has the following purposes:

  • To keep the temperature and humidity of the house air at the ideal level for the animal in question. This means removal of the excess humidity and heat production from the animals.
  • To create an air exchange in the house so that the animals have always fresh air. The stocking density is high in modern livestock houses. This makes special demands on the ventilation system, which should ensure a high air exchange and at the same time avoid causing draught nuisance for the animals.
  • To ensure optimum production results. Many factors influence the well-being and growth of the animals, but no doubt the climate plays a significant part.
  • To ensure the animals a proper life as the modern consumer demands, and to protect the animals from suffering harm caused by power failure or other malfunctions.

Farmmark offers several different ranges, including the well-regarded SKOV products. Farmmark can supply complete SKOV systems where the individual components are mutually optimized. Each of these systems is optimized with due consideration of the climatic conditions, geographical and cultural variations in constructional form, and the kind of animals that should benefit from the ventilation.


Agri-Circulator Fan


  • Powerful air throw
  • Quiet, smooth operation
  • Compact design
  • OH and S Standard Guards
  • Plug and lead fitted
  • High quality, speed controllable, IP55 motor
  • Epoxy painted casing

Agri-Circulators are ideal for recirculation or ventilation in greenhouses, dairies, piggeries, poultry sheds and feedlots.


Pedestal Wall Mounted Fan

Provides effective cooling for a wide variety of applications including warehousing, sheds, workshops, marquees as well as animal and livestock housing.

  • Powerful three speed fan delivers up to 3.3 cubic meters/sec of air at high speed.


Combi-Tunnel Ventilation


The system can be applied in the subtropical parts of the world.

Combi-Tunnel ventilation is a negative pressure system suitable for both poultry and pig production.

The system integrates various ventilation principles in one intelligent ventilation system. The system ensures that the animals have optimum conditions by making the ventilation dependent on the outdoor temperature and the age of the birds. The system is developed specially for areas with great daily and yearly temperature fluctuations. The fresh air is taken in via wall inlets during the cold periods or via tunnel opening during the warm periods. The air is let out through wall fans/chimneys during the cold periods and gable fans during the warm periods.


DA 2000 High Pressure Cooling


Using high-pressure cooling, the air is provided with finely atomized water vapour, which cools the air inside the house during the evaporation process. Through correct high-pressure cooling, it is thus possible to reduce the temperature in the house by 2-10 °C. This reduction can be achieved without a negative effect on the animals or the environment inside the house.

In the development of the high-pressure cooling system, great importance has been attached to quality and flexibility. The quality is ensured by using long life components of great reliability. The system is very flexible as it is compiled of standard components, which can easily be adapted to the livestock house in question. Farmmark can design and advise on the best SKOV system for your requirements.

The pump unit is available as a complete unit ready for connection of power and water.

In connection with DA 2000, only stainless, acid-proof pipes and sockets of great durability and long life are used. Holes for nozzles can be made after installation so the nozzles can be placed in the optimum position in relation to the air intake.

The nozzle is fixed by the patented nozzle clip FlexClamp, which means that the nozzle can easily be mounted on the pipe or dismounted.

DA 2000 equipment provides other functions than cooling, including humidification and cleaning.


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